Mixers & Recorders

Zaxcom Nomad 10 Mixer/Recorder

Sound Devices Mixpre 6 Compact Mixer/Recorder


Zaxcom QRX200 Wideband Dual Channel Wireless Receiver x 2 

Zaxcom QRX100 Dual Channel Wireless Receiver

Zaxcom ZMT Phantom Wireless Boom Transmitter with internal recording capability

Zaxcom ZMT3.5 Miniature Wireless Transmitter with internal recording capability x 2

Zaxcom TRX900LANC Transmitter with internal recording capability x 2

Zaxcom Micplexer 2 antenna distribution system

Zaxcom IFB100 wireless audio/timecode transmitter

Zaxcom ERX2TCD wireless audio/timecode receiver x 3

Comtek IFB x4


DPA 4018C compact supercardioid microphone

DPA 4017B shotgun microphone with full Rycote wind kit

DPA 4063 Miniature Lav Mic x 6

Midside stereo mic kit containing:

 * Audix SCX1-C cardiod condenser mic

 * Ambient Emesser figure 8 mic

 * Rycote midside wind kit

Sennheiser E835 dynamic handheld interview mic

Timecode + Support Gear

Denecke TS-C timecode slate

Tentacle Sync Miniature Lock-it boxes x 3

VDB QT-L 13 Ft Boom Pole

K-Tek Klassic 12 Ft Boom Pole x 2

Playback Kit

Behringer Europort MPA40BT-Pro Playback Speaker 

Macbook Pro w/ Pro Tools 12


Basic package includes mixer/recorder, two wireless lavs, and boom mic. Additional wireless, timecode slate, lock it boxes and camera hops are available a la carte if needed. Please contact me for details.